K-ARRAY is a renowned manufacturer of unique audio solutions and has its global headquarters in Florence, Italy. Since 1990, effort and resources have been concentrated on the revolutionary design and manufacture of highly efficient audio systems with impressive performance. To be an inventor, one has to be a bit rebellious and go against the grain. That is what K-ARRAY achieves year-after-year, producing innovative technologies and unparalleled solutions. The company prides itself on being unique to the market, inventing solutions never before dreamed-of.

This constant desire to push the boundaries of audio reproduction has led to the design and manufacture of some of the World’s most innovative, class-leading products. From the minute 23 gram Lyzard-KZ1 with its ½” cone driver to the flagship Mugello line-array arena systems, K-ARRAY loudspeakers feature superb audio performance coupled to super-compact physical size: Lyzard, Vyper and Kobra loudspeakers that can become almost invisible to the casual eye, the flexible and award-winning Anakonda and the active audio moving-head-mounted Owl are just a few examples. Many now try to emulate their designs, but only K-ARRAY achieves this unique combination of miniaturisation, innovation and superlative audio quality.

Installed Sound

K-ARRAY Installed Sound series is a collection of the most aesthetically-refined and quality loudspeakers in the professional audio industry. To offer the most reliable solutions, all the products in our Installed Sound series are made with the most durable….

Portable Systems

With ultra-fast setup and dismantling, the high-tech, ultra-light powered speaker systems in K-array’s Portable Systems are the perfect audio solution for temporary installations. Varying in size, the systems are ideal for theater, concert halls, museums….

Concert Series

The K-ARRAY Concert Series are the flagship products in our catalog. After starting in rental and tiring quickly of loading and unloading heavy boxes, we dedicated years to developing more practical live sound solutions and the Mugello and Firenze Series were created.

Latest K-array News & Case Studies 

K-array enhances historic RSC Library event venue

K-array enhances historic RSC Library event venue

Discreet K-array line arrays deliver better sound quality at the Royal Society of Chemistry’s historic Burlington House library London, June 2020… The Royal Society of Chemistry has upgraded its audio-visual systems at its Burlington House headquarters with the...

The Royal Society tunes in to the science of K-array

The Royal Society tunes in to the science of K-array

K-array speaker system chosen by Whitwam AV Integration for comprehensive audio refurbishment of the Royal Society’s multi-purpose lecture theatre in St James’s, London London, UK – January 2020… A K-array loudspeaker solution has been deployed at London’s Royal...

Butlins choose K-ARRAY

Butlins choose K-ARRAY

Pool environments can present a challenge for integrators looking to create intelligible, high quality sound in acoustically difficult environments, however Technical Arts went above and beyond to provide a fully automated audio system that conquered the reverberant...