Astro Spacial Audio

A registered brand of Vanmunster BV, Astro Spatial was founded in 2012 to specialise in the development and design of systems for spatial audio technologies in the live and event industries. Utilising the proprietary SARA II Premium Rendering Engine, ASA brings a sophisticated spatial audio-processing platform to the sound engineer. It’s the World’s leading independent solution for scalable and easy-to-operate true object-based immersive audio, providing new creative opportunities to achieve the potential of immersive audio technology.

ASA has set the bench mark for others to follow. Performance, reliability and development are at the heart of this exciting brand. Their passion to revolutionise the world of immersive audio brings a system to 2B Heard that we believe is unmatched in the current market place.


To harness the potential of object-based 3D sound within the live entertainment industries, the highest standards must be met. Astro Spatial Audio has responded accordingly by walking away from limited FPGA-based signal processing. Instead, SARA II relies on a Linux-based CPU design, delivering huge benefits in terms of power, scalability and upgradability.

Superior Build Quality

Developed and manufactured in Europe, the SARA II Premium Rendering Engine occupies just 3U of a standard rack, offering up to 128 MADI or 128 Dante™ configurable network pathways at 48kHz/24bit resolution. All paths are assignable to at least 32 audio input channels that can be rendered to up to 128 independently processed sound source outputs.

User Interface

Even with full CPU processing, latency can be guaranteed to be below 5ms. Control couldn’t be simpler with browser-based access to an intuitive GUI, and simultaneous control from multiple devices, ranging from mixing consoles and DAWs to tablets and phones running either Android or iOS. In addition, the front panel of each SARA II boasts….

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