Innovative audio with high-end lighting.

K-array Rail lighting with built in audio


 innovative audio paired with high-end lighting technology makes up the rail a 1.2m meter line of warm, homogeneous linear LED illumination with full-range cone drivers. Available in multiple combinations they are suitable across a wide range of installations.

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2″ point source speakers carved from aluminium.

K-ARRAY Tornado KTL2 mini speaker with LEDs front view

K-ARRAY Tornado-KTL2

The Tornado-KTL2 has a proprietary 2” high-efficiency drive unit with a neodymium magnet structure and a suspension engineered for maximum linear excursion and minimum residual transducer interference. This model features 6 integrated RGB LEDs that can be controlled with a wide range of K-array accessories via DMX or by remote control.

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