K-array Certified Training

Do you want to learn how to effectively design and install K-array audio systems?

To help you do just that, K-array has developed two certifications dedicated to the design and installation of K-array products. These courses have been designed to help you optimize your audio to get the best out of your systems.

The K-array educational program currently comprises of two training courses, K-array Certified Designer and K-array Certified Installer.

To get certified, watch the full video course available in the Video section of the K-academy website.

Then Join a “Q&A and Quiz” virtual classroom session, availability can be found in the K- academy Calendar.

During the virtual classroom session, a link to an online quiz will be shared with the attendees. You will then be invited to take the final quiz to obtain the official certificate!

Installation of lighting with built in audio

K-array Certified Designer

The goal of this 5-hour long course is to provide guidelines for the design of fixed installations featuring K-array products from the Installed Sound catalogue. With time dedicated to project examples and sound design techniques. Acoustical simulation software K-framework 3 is also covered in detail, with practical examples and step by step guides.

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K-array rail lighting installation in restaurant

K-array Certified Installer

The goal of this course is to provide guidelines for the installation of K-array products. This includes mounting options, wiring details, amplifier programming and software management. K-framework 2, K-framework 3 and Azimut Control Interface applications are covered in detail, from the basics to the most advanced features.

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Installation of lighting with built in audio

K-array Certified Live System Engineer

In this course, both Pinnacle and Mugello lines are covered in detail, with much time dedicated to recommended configurations, wiring options and software programming. Dante implementation and Electronic Beam Steering calculations are covered as well.

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