K SYSTEM: The first 100% automated and beaconless live tracking solution.


The real-time tracking technology captures and transmits the position and speed data of all performers on stage in 3D. This advanced system operates without the need for sensors, beacons, or tags, eliminating the requirement for any equipment to be placed on the performers.

The intelligent identification feature allows the system to automatically recognize and track each performer as they move from one stage to another, ensuring continuous and accurate identification throughout the performance.

The technology is designed for ease of use with a quick and intuitive setup process: a single sensor rigged up can track all performers on stage. It is highly scalable, making it adaptable to any venue, whether indoors or outdoors.

With an accuracy in the centimeter range, the system ensures optimal and reliable tracking, perfectly suited for the stage and its complex environments.

K-array rail lighting installation in restaurant

KAPTA: 3D Sensor

A sensor made up of multi-spectral cameras (visible, near-infrared, and thermal). It hangs above the stage area and scans the space in 3D and in real-time.

KORE: tracking intelligence in a single unit

A server running a unique AI trained by “deep learning” over thousands of hours of shows.

Installation of lighting with built in audio corporate

KRATOS: an intuitive and complete
interaction design software

Calibration: Calibrate your 3D space and each KAPTA sensor in less than twenty seconds

Target Patcher: Design your show and assign each of your performers to detections from KORE.

Zones: Design your stage, create event zones for effects and automations.

Actions: Create scenarios, interactions and cues thanks to actions.

Modules: Manage outputs to your audio visual equipment thanks to dedicated modules.


An innovative ecosystem

A tracking solution designed specifically for live experiences that can be quickly and easily integrated into your projects.

These patented technologies are the result of more than 3 years of research and development by Naostage’s teams of researchers and engineers.


Latest Projects

The Savoy

The Savoy

Audio Visual Integrator: Tateside  Brief: They wanted a high performance, high fidelity, distributed audio system that was very discreet – the word ‘invisible’ was mentioned – installed to a really rapid project turnaround time because with such a strong revenue...

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The European Molecular Biology Laboratory

The European Molecular Biology Laboratory

Audio Visual Integrator: D J Willrich The European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) is renowned for its ground-breaking scientific research into molecular biology. Created in 1974 and funded by public research money from its 28 member states, EMBL’s Heidelberg...

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Pool Room

Pool Room

Audio Visual Integrator: Modus Vivendi Renowned intelligent smart home specialist installer Modus Vivendi has transformed a prestigious residential client's newly completed pool room into a full-on party audio experience with the installation of a discreet K-array...

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