K SCAPE: Extended Possibilities

This is K SCAPE, where you will find a wide range of products designed to explore new technologies capable of increasing the potential of sound applications.

Developed by K-array to fulfil its increasing demand for unconventional audio solutions and focus on merging multiple senses, K SCAPE helps to create new sensory experiences for those with no limits to their imaginations.

Installation of lighting with built in audio

Tom Riby for K-SCAPE

Tom Riby discusses K-array’s new division K-scape.

RAIL Product Video

An introduction to the first product from K SCAPE by K-array, the RAIL.

K-array rail lighting installation in restaurant

K SCAPE: Merging Senses

  • Are you looking to merge senses through a single solution?
  • Are you looking for a go to solution that’s customisable and works across applications?
  • Are you looking to create a solution unique to your project?

With Rail you can do all of these, Rail is a full range pro audio speaker combined with linear LED track light in K-arrays signature design, that provides high quality continuous sound along the track and 100 degree horizontal coverage. With 3500 LEDs, 3500 lumens per module and 60,000 hours of life, Rail allows you to go beyond the limits.


The first product developed by K SCAPE, innovative audio meets high-end lighting technology that makes up the rail a 1.2m meter line of warm, homogeneous linear LED illumination with full-range cone drivers.

Available in multiple combinations they are suitable across a wide range of installations.

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Installation of lighting with built in audio corporate
K-array rail lighting installation in restaurant

K SCAPE: High-end lighting

  • Symmetric, Asymmetric, or diffused downlights plus an optional diffuse ceiling/wall-wash uplight – all with Fixed-White (3,0000K), Tuneable White (2,8000K-5,0000K), or RGBW LED options.
  • Three control versions: switched on/off (Fixed White models only), Dali, or (for smaller installations) Casambi control from smart devices. Using appropriate interfaces, rooms/spaces within a multiple-zone Dali system can also be individually controlled via Casambi.
  • The moveable spotlights for the ‘electrified’ track sections have been uprated to zoom-focus format (with a simple-to-use twist of the barrel) and offer a phenomenal 80-500 zoom-focus range.

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