Audio Solutions for Worship

Due to the nature of the design and build of Houses of Worship, they often include lots of hard surfaces producing an acoustically challenging environment. Their impressive architecture can also be subject to protection in the case of listed building status, therefore, minimal if any disruption to the aesthetics is required.

K-array loudspeakers make a perfect solution for creating minimal impact on the surrounding aesthetics; the option to colour customize with RAL allows these already discreet and compact speakers to blend seamlessly into their environment making them almost invisible.

But there’s no sacrifice on audio quality, the narrow vertical coverage of K-array’s slim column speakers minimizes the sound spill towards the ceiling and the floor, thus increasing the intelligibility in highly reverberant environments.

Or if you’re looking for something less permanent, portable solutions from both KGEAR and K-array offer ideal solutions for temporary installations. These high-performance audio systems are suitable for all sound reinforcement needs across small and large venues.

Recommended Products

K-ARRAY Pinnacle KR802 advanced portable stereo system front view


High-tech, lightweight powered stereo systems.

Vyper KV25 Line Array Speaker Black


Ultra-flat aluminium line array element.

Capture KMC20 microphone with preamplifier standing side view2


Thin line array microphones with Pure Array Technology.

K-array Anakonda Flexible Loudspeaker White


Flexible, 2-meter long loudspeaker.

K-ARRAY Tornado kt2 mini speaker front main image


2″ point source speakers carved from aluminium. 

Urben Corporate Collaboration Screen


Stainless steel line array subwoofers.

K-array Kommander-KA02 amplifier


All in one stainless steel amplifier.

KGEAR GP18 Subwoofer and Column System


18” subwoofer with 3 modular 2” transducer array elements


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Invisible Audio For Browns Brook Street Boutique

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K-array Boosts Performance at City of London Academy

K-array Boosts Performance at City of London Academy

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