Innosonix GmbH was founded in 2009 by CEO Markus Bätz and hails from Ahorn near Coburg, in Germany. Its goal is the development of future-oriented audio devices

To many this is a new name in audio amplification, but the team behind it has developed a comprehensive system unique to the audio industry. With a feature-set full of the latest class-leading amplification and DSP, partnered with a powerful user-interface, we are excited to present a new system that is set to become an industry-standard amplifier.

The Maxx amplifiers feature the World’s highest channel-count for size: 32 x amplifier channels in 1ru (32 x 20W @ 8Ω) and 2ru (32 x 280W @ 4Ω) housings. Per channel DSP, FPGA-based signal processing, advanced Class D power stages, a universal PSU, integral Dante (different stream to each channel), MADI, AES67 and AES3 are all featured, with AES/EBU as an option.

Innosonix MA 32 / LP

MA32 are cutting edge 32 channel power amplifier combining FPGA-based signal processing with advanced Class D power stages and universal power supply for global use. They offer the worlds highest channel count per size.


Innosonix MA 32 / D

The output current of all channels is measured and feed to a 20kHz detector. By adding a pilot tone by either the internal generator or an external source, the connection and voice coil of your speakers can be monitored. Threshold and debounce time is adjustable per channel.