Innosonix GmbH was founded in 2009 by CEO Markus Bätz and hails from Ahorn near Coburg, in Germany. Its goal, the development of future-oriented audio devices. To many this is a new name in audio amplification, but the team behind it has developed a comprehensive system unique to the audio industry. With a feature-set full of the latest class-leading amplification and DSP, partnered with a powerful user-interface, we’re excited to present a


new system set to become an industry-standard amplifier. The MAXX amplifiers feature the World’s highest channel-count for size: 32 x amplifier channels in 1ru (32 x 20W @ 8Ω) and 2ru (32 x 280W @ 4Ω) housings. Per channel DSP, FPGA-based signal processing, advanced Class D power stages, a universal PSU, integral Dante (different stream to each channel), MADI, AES67 and AES3 are all featured, with AES/EBU as an option.


IDFM – Innosonix Discovery and Firmware Manager Tutorial

Online system management and software/firmware updates:

  • Discover all Innosonix devices in the network, even across subnet boundaries.
  • Configure network settings for each device.
  • Identify individual devices and assign meaningful names.
  • Easy firmware updater for multiple devices.
  • Firmware manager which keeps you up to date.
  • Migrate from v2 to v3 firmware.

MAXX REMOTE – Introduction Tutorial

Powerful control for a single AMP to large scale multiple device installations. This new tool now sets the benchmark for the future growth of this powerful control platform, integrating current products and fully prepared for the forthcoming new models.

Powerful user-friendly platform ready to grow and develop as you require more features from the system.

MAXX V3 Firmware – Introduction Tutorial

The latest version of the current single device control package, revised and improved MaxxV3 is a superb update providing an enhanced and simplified user experience based on a feature-rich pallet of controls and automation.

  • Navigating through the overview page
  • Changing parameters of single or multi-channel
  • Setup all device settings, from fan speed to network
  • Build up Mutegroups
  • Watch or save the full logging of the device
  • Load, save and manage device or channel presets

Innosonix MA 32 / LP

MA32 are cutting edge 32 channel power amplifier combining FPGA-based signal processing with advanced Class D power stages and universal power supply for global use. They offer the worlds highest channel count per size.

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Innosonix MA 32 / D

The output current of all channels is measured and feed to a 20kHz detector. By adding a pilot tone by either the internal generator or an external source, the connection and voice coil of your speakers can be monitored. Threshold and debounce time is adjustable per channel.

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