Innosonix has introduced eight new industry-leading power amplifier models aimed at the high-end corporate and residential installation sectors of the installed AV market.

Innovative German audio electronics designer Innosonix is best known for its unique multi-channel power amplifiers, which offer the highest channel count in any commercially available amplifier and have found favour amongst systems integrators thanks to their ability to deliver highly controllable audio across multi-zoned projects while occupying the absolute minimum of rack space.

Alongside the current 32 channel MA32/D and MA32/LP models, the eight new power amplifiers are designed to offer installers the maximum of flexibility, functionality and control for any specific project. Available in three chassis sizes, the MAXX² models offer a wide range of channel count, rack space and power output options to suit all applications.

To make amplifier selection intuitively easy, each models’ numerals simply indicate the number of channels (MA16, MA24 or MA32), while the amplifiers are conveniently categorised by rack space which relates directly to output power: 1RU models use LP² suffixes to denote output power of 50 watts/channel at 4 ohms; 2RU models use D² suffixes to denote output power of 280 watts/channel at 4 ohms; and 3RU models use HP² suffixes to denote output power of 280 watts/channel as well as indicating redundant power supplies. This simple matrix enables integrators to select exactly the right functions and features required without unnecessarily taking up valuable rack space or providing unused channels.

All models feature comprehensive on-board DSP including limiting FIR and IIR filters, multiple delays and speaker presets, in addition to AES3, MADI, AES67 and Dante™ inputs as standard, while the higher power MA24/HP² and MA32/HP² amplifiers also offer dual redundant power supplies for critical applications.

Rack space for audio in high-end residential projects is often at a premium, so being able to offer up to 32 discrete output channels at up to 280 watts per channel in a single chassis is an obvious advantage for installers, as well as enabling neater cabling.

Conserving energy was a primary design goal driving the development of the MAXX² series, and this is achieved by the use of high efficiency regulated switch mode power supplies (dual redundant on HP² models) with power factor correction, universally operating on a 90V – 264V AC range and drawing minimal power while idling.

Web-based software offers simple control of single devices or allows the planning, setup and control of multiple channels in an installation, with a global overview of all connected devices enabling remote management of an entire project.

With its unique combination of high performance, flexibility, and ease of use, the new Innosonix MAXX² series amplifiers offer unbeatable class-leading value for today’s demanding AV integration markets.

Innosonix amplifiers are distributed exclusively in the UK and Ireland by 2B Heard.

About Innosonix
Founded in 2009 by joint CEO Markus Batz, Innosonix GmbH is an innovative manufacturer of cutting edge audio electronics based in Colburg, Germany. The company’s six-strong research and development team have brought to the fixed installation markets a range of flexible, high performance multi-channel amplifiers that offer the highest channel count per unit of rack space, as well as class-leading digital signal processing and remote control operability. For more information please visit www.innosonix.com

About 2B Heard
2B Heard is a leading UK-based distributor of premium audio brands and is the sole authorised representative of K-array loudspeakers and Innosonix amplifiers in the UK and Ireland, the UK solutions partner for Astro Spatial Audio and a dealer for the Solid State Logic L100 console. Led by respected industry figures Dave Wooster and Sam Nankivell, the company delivers exceptional service and support based on real world experience within the UK’s entertainment technology, professional AV and home audio markets.