K-ARRAY Mugello KS5

The Mugello-KS5 is an incredibly versatile, dual 21″ self-powered subwoofer featuring neodymium magnets with 6″ voice coils driven by a powerful Class D amplifier. The large ports are designed to be fully symmetrical to the speakers which means the back loading of the drivers is consistent and even, with no port air turbulence. The triangle port construction also provides excellent structural integrity and strength, effectively eliminating any box resonance.

All DSP functions including EQ can be controlled with remote managing software via USB or RS485, conveniently on a standard XLR. There are different DSP presets, specifically made by K-array to optimise the system performance of the variety of device configuration available. Additionally, you can also create, save, and store your own personal presets on the Mugello-KS5.