K-ARRAY Vyper-KV102 II

The Vyper-KV102 II is an ultra-flat passive loudspeaker comprised of sixteen 1” neodymium magnet transducers each, housed in an elegant yet sturdy aluminum chassis, with a new frameless chassis designed for very elegant discreet installations, perfect for a clean bracketless application on any flat surface.
The frameless chassis of the Vyper-KV102 II suites a clean bracketless installation on any flat surface.
The sixteen closely-spaced cone drivers provide true line array characteristics: phase coherence, low distortion and focused listening in both the near field and at a distance from the speaker.

Two different values of impedance (8Ω – 32Ω) allow to connect up to 8x Vyper-KV102 II loudspeakers at 32Ω impedance to the same 4Ω amplifier output channel, which eliminates the need for 70V lines for wide distributed installed systems where pristine sound, intelligibility and elegance are mandatory.