KGEAR GC8-RN Ceiling Speaker

2-way full-range passive speaker with a round grille for ceiling and in-wall installation. Thanks to its 8″ woofer, GC8-RN delivers more bass and SPL than its 6″ brother, making it the perfect choice for higher SPL sound distribution both in residential and commercial applications such as apartments, villas, home theaters, hotels, hospitals, bars and restaurants, corporate buildings.

GC8-RN comes with a circular, frameless design magnetic grille, and an orientable tweeter and is available in 8 ohms for small to medium-sized, hi-fi applications as well as in 70/100V version (GC8T-RN) for large-scale distributed sound installations where a very high number of speakers is required.

For best performance, depending on power/quantity needs, this speaker can be combined with any KGEAR amplifier (GA201, GA41/41L, GA43/43L, GA46/46L) and subwoofer (GS6, GC8S).

Available in black (GC8-RNB – GC8T-RNB) or white (GC8-RNW – GC8T-RNW) colour, the frameless magnetic grille can also be painted to match any environment.

Also available in 6.5″, 5.25″, and 3″.