12″ Subwoofer + 16×2″ Modular Column System (Passive)

GP12 is a portable high-performance Sub + Column system that features a 12” subwoofer with a ferrite magnet and a modular column with 16×2” drivers with neodymium magnets.

The column divers feature an alternating angle pattern that increases the dispersion up to 140° on the horizontal plane to provide a very immersive sound field while assuring a long throw and a narrow vertical dispersion. GP12 can be easily driven by an active GP12A in stereo or dual stereo setup, or by our GA43 amplifier.

Thanks to the quick setup and its compact form factor, GP12A/GP12 are an incredibly effective solution for small and medium temporary and fixed applications where performance to size ratio is key, such as events of any kind, small stages, trade shows, broadcast and corporate.