Solid State Logic L100 Live Digital Console

L100 processing power allocation and I/O architecture is extremely flexible. The console has up to 472 inputs and 472 outputs. It has 96 mix paths at 96kHz. These paths can be assigned as Channels, Stem Groups, Auxes and Masters to suit demands and configured as mono, stereo, LCR, 4.0 or 5.1. A mono Channel consumes one path, a stereo two, an LCR three a 4.0 path four and a 5.1 six. All 96 of the mix paths are full processing paths. Insert Effects have their own dedicated processing which is also dynamically allocated.

L100 features an output matrix that has four x 32 inputs and 12 outputs. All 12 matrix output paths have High and Low Pass Filters, 4 band EQ, 2 seconds of delay and our unique All Pass Filters available. This is in addition to two inserts that can be used with both the internal Effects Rack and external processing.