K-array Pinnacle-K-FoH2

Pinnacle K-FoH2 is the ultimate dedicated system from the K-array Pinnacle family, giving you full control of the stage mix from the FoH mixing console during a live event, in concert, or on tour, coming in a practical, compact, and robust flight case to host all kit with cables and mounting floor stands, easy to transport and store.

Using 2 x Python-KP52 I in a 2.1 stereo configuration with a Thunder-KS2 I subwoofer, well known for its linear frequency response even when stressed by high powers and levels, this system is recommended when high emissions come from the stage and the PA, but sound engineers don’t want to miss in definition and intelligibility.

2 x Python-KP52 I
1 x Thunder-KS2 I
2 x Floor stand
1 x Flightcase – floor stands + cables included in the case