GM44L is a 4-Zone analog audio matrix that features 4 Stereo Line inputs with gain control, 4 Stereo Line outputs with Treble and Bass adjustment, 4 Zone input selectors, and 1 Auxiliary input that can be independently assigned to each zone output and mixed to the selected input channel.

This matrix also has a dry contact input that allows muting all the inputs except the priority auxiliary input for emergency purposes. More GM44L units can be linked together to increase the number of outputs thanks to 5 Link outputs corresponding to each one of the inputs (including Aux-In).

All the connections are made utilizing 3,5mm Stereo Jack Connectors. GM44L is the perfect preamp combination to our GA201 amplifier as 1 GM44L and up to 4 GA201 amps can be mounted in just 1 Rack Unit space thanks to our G-RACKMINI2 accessory, making it a great solution for multi-zone sound distribution and public address solution for bars and restaurants, hospitality, corporate, conference and residential applications.