KV25 Wedge Mount (2 x part)

For mounting K-array KV25 loudspeakers onto planar surfaces at specified horizontal and vertical offset angles. Two-part bracket and loudspeaker fit to the wall separately.

260mm x 40mm x ¹ c27mm @ 100g
The rear of the bracket is flat and secured directly to the wall. The angled front bracket fits to the loudspeaker. Removal of KV25’s front grille (Torx T10 screws) reveals M5 holes for fitting to the front bracket with 4mm∅ / Imperial size 8 screws, or M5 set-screws (NOT supplied). Loudspeaker and fitted front bracket then slide over mating lugs on rear bracket – designed for use where first fix of back bracket will make installation simpler.

When ordering, please specify:
* Horizontal pan angle
* Vertical tilt angle
* Colour (if ordering the RAL option)
¹ Depth dimensions of the front of bracket determined by offset angles