KK52 Wedge Mount (2 x part)

For mounting KK52 K-array loudspeakers onto planar surfaces at specified horizontal and vertical offset angles. Two-part bracket and loudspeaker fit the wall separately.

442mm x 40mm x 27mm @ 142g.
The identical bracket that fits either of the 50cm Kobra or Python loudspeakers, required because the M5 threaded mounting holes are located on the back of each loudspeaker. Flat rear plate fixes directly to planar surface. Front plate (which incorporates any horizontal and/or vertical offset angles) fixes to the rear of the loudspeaker. Front plate & loudspeaker assembly then slots into place onto face of rear plate.

When ordering, please specify:
* Horizontal pan angle
* Vertical tilt angle
* Colour (if ordering the RAL option)