KT2 Pendant Mount

For hanging KT2-series loudspeakers from above.

Pendant-mount For Tornado KT2 and KT2L: 70mm∅ x 70mm @ 30g
KT2 & KT2L are supplied with a fitted metal surface-mount bracket. This can be replaced with our Pendant-mount, enabling the loudspeaker to be suspended over counters, tables etc to place sound exactly where you need it. The bracket fits over the loudspeaker and is held in place with two key-stone lugs, that slide into place. A grub-crew (supplied) is used to secure the supporting cable. Using the Pendant-mount, a KT2L’s integral RGB LEDs can also be used for overhead illumination
of discreet areas.

When ordering, please specify:
* Colour (if ordering the RAL option)