KV52 Flat Plate Mount

For mounting Vyper loudspeakers against planar surfaces at specified horizontal offset angles.

260mm x 40mm x 30mm @ 10g

Specifically designed for enabling the flush-mounting of Vyper loudspeakers inside narrow recesses – such as slots in walls, or between panels etc..

Designed to solve the issue of refitting the front grille with its side-mounted screws! Removal of the Vyper’s front grille (Torx T10 screws) reveals a pair of M5 mounting holes. The loudspeaker can be fixed to the bracket with 4mm∅ / Imperial size 8 screws (NOT supplied) and the grille refitted, before fitting the loudspeaker into the recess.

The Flat-Mount bracket is longer than the loudspeaker and has mounting holes at each end. Completed
loudspeaker/bracket assembly is fitted into slot and the bracket is then screwed in-place.
When ordering, please specify:
* Colour (if ordering the RAL option)